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BoostAero Standards

The BoostAero standards are available for Aerospace & Defence companies who want to exchange commercial documents with their trading partners, and for A&D suppliers who are imposed the Boost-Aero standards by their customers.

The BoostAero standards have been specified and developed in ebXML by European and American Aerospace & Defence companies following the best international standardization practices, and their specifications (Business Requirement Specifications) have been submitted to the UN/CEFACT by the ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) and the AIA (IS Aerospace Industries Association).

They include the following components :

  • Business Process, defined by the BoostAero Processus Recommandation specification  (BoostAero_Processus_Recommandation_R1.00.doc),
  • Data Dictionary, defined in the document BoostAero Consolidation  (BoostAero_Codes_Attributs_R1.165.xls, BoostAéro_Codes_Attributs_R1.165.xls),
  • Messages, defined in the document BoostAero CC UML Class Diagrams (BoostAero_Components_ClassDiagrams_R1.12.VSD),
  • Technical interconnection Architecture : defined in the document BoostAero TNA (BoostAéro_TNA_R1.02.doc).
  • Schemes (

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