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Aerospace & Defence e-business standards BoostAero Membership Conditions

(June 2011)

1.            Objectives of the BoostAero Association

The mission of the BoostAero International Association is to support Aerospace & Defence business processes by related BoostAero standards (business processes, documents, data dictionaries, and IT framework) that facilitate seamless, efficient electronic business within the Aerospace & Defence industries and their trading partners.
A Consultative Committee based on the Strategic Standardisation Group (SSG), representing the major Aerospace and Defence Industries will provide strategic advice and recommendations to the  BoostAero International Association.

The objectives and scope of the Association are to maintain and further develop the BoostAero standards in accordance with the requirements defined and prioritised by the members, covering both civil and defence activities :
•    First priority : e-supply chain standard
•    Potential other standards: e-design, e-maintenance, e-collaboration, e-sourcing,  quality, security, etc., according to appropriate decisions on  requirements and funding.
The Steering Committee of the BoostAero International Association consists of representatives of the Active Members. It decides upon the implementation of  business strategies, use of budget, etc.
Standardization work will be performed by working groups consisting of specialists of the participating members, supported by the permanent staff  of the core team and if necessary by subcontractors.

2.            BoostAero standards

The BoostAero standards are available for Aerospace & Defence companies who want to exchange commercial documents with their trading partners, and for A&D suppliers who are imposed the Boost-Aero standards by their customers.
The BoostAero standards have been specified and developed in ebXML by European and American Aerospace & Defence companies following the best international standardization practices, and their specifications (Business Requirement Specifications) have been submitted to the UN/CEFACT by the ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) and the AIA (IS Aerospace Industries Association).
They include the following components :

  • Business Process functional specifications
    (Spécifications  fonctionnelles des Business Process)
  • Data dictionnary Definition
    (Définition du dictionnaire de données)
  • Composition of the messages
    (Composition des messages)
  • Hierarchical
    (Modèle hierarchique)
  • XML schemes development
    (Développement des schémas XML)
  • Management et Methodologie de projet

3.            BoostAero Membership conditions

Participation at the BoostAero International Association is open to all international A&D organizations and other partners as decided by the  majority of A&D members. Membership fees will cover the costs of the core team (permanent staff) and related activities as decided by the Steering Committee of the association.

3.1         Categories of users

Active Members of the BoostAero Association :
  • they pay full fees, have decision power (votes proportional to their Fee) upon the evolutions of the standards, and may access the standards under development, before they are published,
  • they get full support from the BoostAero Association : 1 day/year of physical or Tel support, Mail Support, Online Help Desk (FAQ, docs, ...).
Non Active Members of the BoostAero Association :
  • they pay light fees, access the standards under development, but have no influence (votes) upon the evolutions of the standards.
  • they get light support from the BoostAero Association : No physical nor Tel support, only Mail Support and Online Help Desk (FAQ, docs, ...).
Other users  :
  • they access freely the published standards and information on web site, but have no influence nor support.
  • this category is reserved to suppliers who are imposed the Boost-Aero standards by their customers.
Non Executive Active Members of the BoostAero Association  (reserved for IT Members) :
  • they pay full fees, participate to the Steering Committee, and may access the standards under development, before they are published,
  • they have no decision power (no vote) upon the evolutions of the standards

3.2    BoostAero Members fees and votes

Participation at the BoostAero International Association is open to all international Aerospace & Defence organizations and other partners as decided by the Steering Committee of the Association, composed of the Active Members of the Association :
  • Aerospace & Defence Companies : Customers and Primes, Suppliers, …
  • Aerospace & Defence Associations (for their SMEs)
  • Other organizations : Airliners, Defence  Agencies
  • IT providers : they may only to be Members of the Association
Members will have to pay a Fee each year, depending on their member class.

3.3         Boost-Aero Founding Members

Five Founding Members have funded the development costs of the Boost-Aero standards : Dassault Aviation, GIFAS, Exostar, Safran and Thales.
Dassault Aviation, Exostar, Safran and Thales will have the same number of votes (2).


4.            Governance and associated organization

The following tasks are needed either by the BoostAero permanent staff (secretariat), by subcontractors or by dedicated people provided by the members. They are described in the BoostAero Governance and Maintenance reference document.

The main tasks relevant for the BoostAero Members are :

  • Standards maintenance and publication of all the documents needed by the different business processed adopted by the A&D industry. The first set is composed of 20 business documents. The implementation of the standard will reveal the necessity to amend or improve of complete the initial standard documents while the gradual introduction of new business processes defined by the Business Process group will trigger the production of new business documents in addition to the first 20.
  • Registry/Repository Management : the joint activity of UNCEFACT and OASIS (ebXML) has defined a standard way of creating and managing a registry/repository solutions to be used for the initial publication of agreed standards and for their maintenance necessary to take into account the evolutions of these standards. The ebXML Registry/Repository Specification became an ISO Recommendation in 2004 and the BoostAero activity will use an implementation of this specification to publish and maintain the BoostAero standards.
  • Adoption and implementation : this group will work using e-collaboration tools, distribution list and other usual facilities ordinarily used in such implementation activities.

5. Main benefits of membership

Join the BoostAero standard users community : Safran, Thales, Dassault, Gifas, ATR, MBDA, DGA, Simmad, Radiall, Zodiac, SKF, Daher, Lisi, Potez, …

  • Share BoostAero Standard implementations feedbacks
  • Access to BoostAeroSpace and BoostAero road map
  • Partners offers access : AS/2 Connectors / Integration Package
  • Participate to BoostAero WorkGroup : Implementation, KPI, Quality, Supply Chain
  • Access to CSV / XML / ebXML / EDIFACT Benchmarks

Be aligned on the Supply Chain best practices of the Aerospace and Defence industry

Feedback on the last e-supply chain practices trends

Faster deployment of your BoostAero Integration

Networking opportunities

Decision power for standard influence (for active members)

Standard in Development Access

Access to tools ( (mapping specification between SPOKE - AirSuply - BoostAero,supplier user guide, ...)

Technical Support (1 full day for active member)

Access to special offer for BoostAero training or other BoostAero services (

IT Provider : based on your compliance and certification : visibility of your company on the BoostAero Website and events


6.            Appendix : Reference documents

  • BoostAero Association Statutes
  • BoostAero Governance and Maintenance
  • BoostAero Intellectual property rights

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